Support Bundles

Our Support Bundles are presented in various service packages, providing users with a choice of comprehensive offerings aimed at delivering an enriched travel experience through dedicated support services. Support Bundles are graded into several levels of packages. Users may choose from these packages based on their specific needs. The packages may include but are not limited to:

⪢ Exchange & Refund Processing Fee Discount

Agency provides customers with a cost-saving benefit when they need to make changes to their travel plans. Typically, when travelers need to modify or cancel their flights, there may be associated fees, commonly known as exchange and refund fees.

Our regular processing fee when a reservation change is requested is $150.00. An activated support bundle with the corresponding service reduces the processing fee to $50 when purchasing with the Standard plan and completely eliminates the processing fee when purchasing the Plus plan.

The service is considered utilized upon its first application, whether it involves a reduction in exchange fees or refund fees.

⪢ 24 Hours Cancellation

This service offers free cancellation for all packages. Travelers can take advantage of this benefit if they need to cancel their plans within the first 24 hours after booking. No additional fees are charged for cancellations made during this specified period.

⪢ Priority Assistance

The Priority Assistance service ensures expedited and prioritized support with access to exclusive communication channels, providing customers quicker responses for booking inquiries, changes, or general assistance. Customers with Priority Assistance receive quicker response times when reaching out for support.

⪢ Schedule Change Handling Priority

The service provides customers with dedicated assistance and prioritized support in managing and adapting to schedule changes, ensuring a seamless transition to the revised itinerary. Customers with Schedule Change Handling Priority benefit from expedited processing of itinerary adjustments, reducing the time and effort required to accommodate changes.

⪢ Schedule Change Handling Fee Discount

The Schedule Change Handling Fee Discount service is aimed at reducing or eliminating fees associated with managing schedule changes in travel itineraries.

⪢ Price Drop

The Price Drop Protection is an additional service that, upon booking, entails our agency searching for your exact itinerary within 24 hours after booking to identify any price changes that can result in extra savings on your booked tickets. Upon booking the service package, you authorize us to automatically rebook and reissue your tickets at a lower price if found, keeping the same itinerary. Fifty percent of any savings obtained through this service is shared with you as a flight coupon for your next purchase.

The offered packages and types of support bundles may vary and depend on the characteristics of the core product, flight to which they are provided.

Costs for Standard and Plus plans are non-refundable and shall be considered consumed once any of the given available options are exercised. Support Bundle services are non-transferable and are valid only for the original booking associated with the purchased Support Bundle.

The Service bundle does not extend towards additional fees (change penalty or fare difference) that Travel Suppliers may require.

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